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Hello All,

For those of you who have been following us on Twitter/Facebook/Email, you may know that we are on the lookout for five enthusiastic individuals to join the core team. As the new year begins, the Delhi+Acumen team is also ready to don a new avatar and has made its share of new year resolutions. And we hope to achieve these with the help of five dynamic individuals who feel as passionately about the philosophy of Acumen as we do.

While the chance to work in the core team is a volunteer and non-paid opportunity, there are various ancillary benefits that it brings to the table. In this email we share with you the experience of the c0-founder of the Delhi Chapter so as to give you a better perspective of what the opportunity entails.
Vaibhav-237x300  Vaibhav Singh, Co-founder- Delhi+Acumen
Vaibhav started the city’s Acumen chapter in February, 2013. Though the task sounds like a simple one, much effort went into making the Delhi chapter a reality. However, after long calls with the Acumen leadership in New York, Vaibhav managed to convince them of the need for a chapter in the country’s capital. Then came the task of finding six individuals who believed in the same cause. One by one he came across individuals who not only shared his passion but also added a varied mix of skill set to the pot.  As things fell into place, the Delhi+Acumen team organised its first event in the India Habitat Center which attracted almost 70 volunteers. And that is how the ball got rolling.
For Vaibhav, leading D+A has been a two-way street. Leading the chapter has required him to dedicate at least 5 hours every week towards the chapter work. He has been at the helm of proactively spreading the word about the chapter and also attracting investors and entrepreneurs to leverage the Acumen platform in their interest.
“Working for the chapter has its moments and not all of it has been a cakewalk. But that’s what creating something of value is about. But being associated with the chapter has its own pros. Over the past two years I have the amazing opportunity to be connected to members of chapters in New York, Toronto, Sydney, London, Tokyo and so many more. It has been the easiest way of bringing the world view to my table. Not only this, the chapters also interact closely with the Acumen Global and India Fellows. Two of our events last year were focused around the Acumen Fellowship program where the Global Fellows took to the stage. In the past year, thanks to Acumen, I also got the opportunity to speak at  a TedX event which allowed me to share the stage with some of the most intellectually forward minds of the country. Experiences like these are very rare and have allowed me to grow a lot as an individual.”
As the Delhi chapter turns two, we look forward to welcoming new members into the group who will take the chapter’s work forward. For the past two years the strategy has been to create a buzz about the chapter in the city. Now we are slowly shifting into the stage where we would like to organised high-impact events. So if you or any of your acquaintances would like to be a part of the core team, please write to us at The last date for receiving emails is the 20th of February, 2015. We hope that you will help us in spreading the buzz.
Delhi+Acumen Team